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Available at the moment is our software to organize your stamp collection. We would be very happy to adapt the software for your area of collecting. If you have a suggestion for us to add additional features to our software or to create a new app for your area of collecting please let us know using the comments form below.

Stamp Collector Software

We are happy to announce our second desktop application “Busy Bee Stamp Collector“, Stamp Collector for short. The software runs on all modern operating systems (Apple Mac, P.C & Linux / Ubuntu). The software will store and organize your entire stamp collection. We wanted to keep it really simple to start with – it basically allows users to enter the details of their stamps and load an image. The main stamp screen is very similar to the main Invoicing screen in Busy Bee Invoicing – the user can view a list of all their stamps, see it’s total value, see stamps by year etc, and can Add/Edit/Delete stamps easily. Included is the ability to import & export stamp details to a spreadsheet, and to print a PDF page giving stamp details. There will also be a gallery of all the stamp images and information.

Stamp Collector Software

16 thoughts on “Collector Software for Apple Mac, PC & Linux Ubuntu

    • That is really interesting, thankyou Brian. If you get a chance to look at the Stamp Collector software, could you please let me know whether a similar format would work for watches? We will certainly look into this and will keep you posted if we go ahead with watch software.

    • Well…it’s been a while since I was at your site. I see that another collector of watches is looking for a program. There are many for PC users, but the world s limited for MacMen.
      Needless to say, ther are many collector groups that would bemnefit and purchase this product. If you decide to move forward, I would be glad to help, naming fields and criteria.

  1. I, too, am interested in watch collection software. I was just contemplating creating something in Filemaker or similar when it occurred to me that someone may have done the job already. Watch collecting is a growing interest particularly for baby boomers, who in retirement have both the time and money to indulge, though it does not have to be an expensive hobby. A number of fields are required to record brand, model, serial, calibre, type, style, condition, cost, value, source, etc., etc., and watch images.


    • Thanks Tenterden, we’ll definitely keep that in mind and at this stage it’s likely that Watches will be the next step for our collector software.

  2. I’m an artist who creates and sells artwork, so it’d be nice to see a Linux app that would help me with my artwork inventory. With fields for a photo of the piece, price(s), where I’ve got it listed/loaned, size, medium, canvas/paper, etc. Maybe even allow for entering a price formula (hrs * £x + materials = ???) and such like.

    • Thankyou for the suggestion.
      One thing we have become aware of is that Adobe is no longer supporting Linux with future versions of Adobe Air. Our applications are created using Adobe Air technology, therefore it may not be a very future-proof solution for Linux users. I believe the last version supported by Linux is Air v2.6. Please note that there should be no problem for Linux users of our existing software applications, it’s more a comment for any future apps that we develop, i.e. if we move to a development platform that doesn’t support the earlier Air versions.

  3. Any chance that the stamp software is or will be available on the Apple App store ? Would be awesome to be able to install on an iPAD. Would be great if you could let me know if it would work on a RIM (Blackberry tablet device) Playbook and could be made available in RIM’s App world to download

    • Hi Paul, at this stage we don’t have any plans to create a mobile app for the Stamp Collector software, but we will definitely keep this in mind for future developments.

  4. I have got thousands of vintage scale model tractors, but cannot find anything suitable.
    Any recommendation”?

    • Sorry, I’m not sure I can point you in the right direction for that. Your best bet would be to ask on a collectors forum. Good luck!

  5. I wanted to try you stamp collector software so I downloaded the trial version and made sure that I had AIR installed.

    When I tried to install it, my Avast virus software stopped the installation and said that it had malware or a trojan virus or something like that. Has anyone else complained about this? I could just say it is a false positive and let it go ahead and install it but I didn’t want to do that. I’ve spent too many hours cleaning up virus issues.

  6. Is anyone still monitoring this message board? I ask a question a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t even been posted yet. I’d like to try the stamp software but won’t unless I get some assurances that their isn’t some kind of malware or virus associated with it.