Invoicing App for Mobile Devices

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Invoicing App for Mobile Devices, iPhone iPad & Android

Well we though it was time to make a start on developing an Invoicing app for mobile devices. If you are not aware we have already developed a popular Invoicing application for the desktop computer Apple Mac, P.C & Linux (Ubuntu). If you don’t know about our Busy Bee Invoicing software you can find out more about it here.

We are just at the starting point at the moment and I will update this page as and when we have more information. If there are specific functions that you would like the app to accomplish please leave a comment below or send us an email.

Update: 15 Dec 2010

We first decided to create an invoicing app for mobile devices in August so you would be correct in thinking “Is it ready yet?” Well no, not yet but we have been spending a long time designing the app and now we have the design complete and we are making a start on the development. We feel that the design part of the app is very important and wanted to really get it right. We are trying to create an app that looks the same (or as close as possible) on Android, iPhone and other mobile platforms.

Also in this time we have been building new functionality into our desktop invoicing app We are currently on version 3.1 As stated before if you have any questions or requests please leave a comment below.

18 thoughts on “Invoicing App for Mobile Devices

    • Hi Noohu, we haven’t released the app yet but with the announcement by Apple to relax it’s restrictions on developing app’s with Adobe Air we are at the beginning stages of developing invoicing apps for the iPhone, Android and iPad. We will let you know here when we know more.

  1. Would be interested in consulting software for Android. There is an excellent one in Timemaster for the iPhone but nothing quite like it in the Android market. It will be a while before I can start developing on that platform myself and On-Core, the authors of Timemaster have no plans for Android.

  2. Hi, rather than leaving the latest news about the iphone apps development here, can I suggest that you guys mail out to those in your mailing list instead as a convenience to us all since bookmarking this page and having to come back to check with an unknown date can be quite irritating. In fact, I’m here because I received the email on the latest update on the invoicing bee. Thanks.

    • Hi Philip, we are still in the early stages with the iPhone app so there is not much news to report. When there is, we will no doubt make an announcement via the newsletter, and also on twitter if you would like to follow us!

  3. Hi, I use your software on both mac and windows. it would be great if I could keep them in sync one way or another. And including an iphone / ipad app will be great (if there is the option to sync with the main desktop app

    • Hi Marco, we agree it would be great to have syncing ability between the desktop and mobile apps. We are still at the early stages and it depends on the technologies involved.

  4. Ability to sync is critical. Emailing files directly from the mobile app while in the field would be very useful too. I have been a Billings customer since their first release, I bought the mobile app as well, but they have not been able to resolve an issue with clients using ATT service. After 5 years I must find a software that works on all of my devises. The 1 feature that sold me on your software is the ability to apply a discount by item or overall invoice. Nice!

    • “Thankyou Kym, it’s great to hear your ideas and feedback. Emailing & Synching are both planned features for our app. Glad you like the discounts – sometimes it’s the simple features which make the most difference!”

    • Hi Capof, yes it is taking longer than we anticipated as it’s been a busy year for us. But we are still working on it and will update soon when we have an idea of timeframe. We will let you know on Twitter or / and the Newsletter

    • Hi Rudy, it is still in the pipeline, however the last few months have been very busy for us work-wise and so it has taken a back-seat. It’s definitely still in the plan though!

  5. I keep looking for the mobile app, but don’t see it on Google Play Store. Another question, is will I be able to integrate it with my current PC version of BusyBee Invoicing. I keep my database on dropbox for easy access and backup, perhaps a option to select the database location in the app would do the trick for syncing between devices and desktop?

    • We are currently working on a new Invoicing app for Macs, which will be followed by a mobile app for iOS (i.e. iPhone, iPad). These 2 will be linked, but we cannot say at this point whether it will be possible to integrate with the currently version of Busy Bee (at this stage I would say likely not as the structure of the databases may be too dissimilar to share). We would also like to expand to other mobile platforms in the future.