Looking to employ someone that can use Scene7’s image authoring software?

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We have moved!

Please view our new digital draping site: http://digitaldraping.com/scene7/

If you are a company looking to employ or hire someone with experience with Scene7’s imaging authoring/draping software then I would like to offer my experience. I am very familiar with the software and can provide you with high quality files. I would be available to work as a contractor or as a full time employee. While I can only work remotely as I have just moved to New Zealand (unless your company is based down here) I have worked for a number of companies remotely with great success. Please contact me with any questions.

What is Scene7’s imaging authoring software?
“Scene7’s imaging authoring (IA) is a workstation-based application that lets you prepare (“author”) images for dynamic texture rendering and pre-generate rendered images for print – all from a single original image.”

More information about Adobe’s Scene7 image authoring software

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