Transparent Background Logo on a Twitter Account

Alt Text

Well this seems quite an obviously easy thing to do and it is as long as you upload the correct sized image. And yes, this is where I came a-cropper! I started off uploading a 38px x 38px png-24 file B-Logo with a transparent background. It did not occur to me that this would be a problem. The image uploaded ok and displayed on my Twitter account but instead of being on a transparent background the image was now on at white background. Anyway a couple of days went by and I saw other logos on Twitter that were on transparent backgrounds so I tried again. This time I uploaded the same image but at 100px x 100px png-24 B-Logo and “hey presto” it worked. I’m not sure what the reason is behind this – maybe a quality issue with such a small transparent image? Anyhow it works now, here’s my twitter page

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