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(11 Feb 2011) Question:

The database location being fixed is rather unfortunate given that it contains images and can grow rather large.

(11 Feb 2011) Answer:
The database itself does not contain the images, it only contains the file path to your images. So you can keep your images anywhere, and when you click ‘Browse’ to load a stamp image, it stores the file location.
(7 Feb 2011) Question:

1. What is the image size limit? 2. What is the ideal image size? 3. Where is the database file located? 4. Can I choose where the database is stored?

(7 Feb 2011) Answer:
  1. The image size limit is: 600 (height) x 1000 (width) pixels.
  2. The ideal image size (for the PDF print-out) is any size up to 300 x 300 pixels. Any larger than that and the image will be scaled down.
  3. It depends on your Operating System as to where the database file will be located. If you are on a Mac it is located at (or similar to): username/Library/Preferences/BusyBeeCollector/Local Store/BusyBeesCollector.db. If you can’t locate it you may need to try searching for the filename. Failing that please let me know your OS and I will send you the path.
  4. The database location is fixed.
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