Minor Release:
  1. Fix import error
(25 Oct 2013)


Minor Release:
  1. Fix bug with display of Watermark value on PDF.
  2. Fix bug with import of Stamps using exported CSV file.
  3. Fix bug with auto-formatting of numeric fields.
  4. Additional countries added.
(22 Jan 2013)


Minor Release:
  1. Correct date format in Stamps Add/Edit screen to be MM/DD/YYYY.
  2. Expand Countries list to include historic countries
(24 April 2012)


Minor Release:
  1. Allow import column title of ‘Color’ or ‘Colour’
  2. Allow delete of multiple stamps at once.
  3. Check for blank lines on CSV import file
(14 April 2012)


Minor Release:
  1. Allow import column title of ‘Title’ or ‘Name’
  2. Correct import errors for numeric fields.
(17 March 2011)


Minor Release:
  1. Include 2 custom fields
  2. Make Country & Condition fields editable to allow for countries/conditions not in the list
  3. Increase numeric field limits (Purchase Price, Valuation, No. Issued)
  4. Increase stamp image size limit
  5. Move Catalog Code to near top of list of fields
  6. Change info displayed with Gallery images
  7. Change Stamp ‘Title’ to ‘Name’
  8. Removed field ‘Denomination’
  9. Do not allow Add of Series if Series name is blank.
(1 Feb 2011)